In the /HNAP1/SetWiFiVerifyAlpha ... CVE-2018-19990

10.0 AV AC AU C I A
发布: 2019-05-13
修订: 2019-08-22

In the /HNAP1/SetWiFiVerifyAlpha message, the WPSPIN parameter is vulnerable, and the vulnerability affects D-Link DIR-822 B1 202KRb06 devices. In the SetWiFiVerifyAlpha.php source code, the WPSPIN parameter is saved in the $rphyinf1."/media/wps/enrollee/pin" and $rphyinf2."/media/wps/enrollee/pin" and $rphyinf3."/media/wps/enrollee/pin" internal configuration memory without any regex checking. And in the do_wps function of the wps.php source code, the data in $rphyinf3."/media/wps/enrollee/pin" is used with the wpatalk command without any regex checking. A vulnerable /HNAP1/SetWiFiVerifyAlpha XML message could have shell metacharacters in the WPSPIN element such as the `telnetd` string.