D-Link DIR-822 Rev.B 202KRb06, ... CVE-2018-19987

10.0 AV AC AU C I A
发布: 2019-05-13
修订: 2019-08-22

D-Link DIR-822 Rev.B 202KRb06, DIR-822 Rev.C 3.10B06, DIR-860L Rev.B 2.03.B03, DIR-868L Rev.B 2.05B02, DIR-880L Rev.A 1.20B01_01_i3se_BETA, and DIR-890L Rev.A 1.21B02_BETA devices mishandle IsAccessPoint in /HNAP1/SetAccessPointMode. In the SetAccessPointMode.php source code, the IsAccessPoint parameter is saved in the ShellPath script file without any regex checking. After the script file is executed, the command injection occurs. A vulnerable /HNAP1/SetAccessPointMode XML message could have shell metacharacters in the IsAccessPoint element such as the `telnetd` string.