Category-398: 7PK-代码质量

ID: 398 Status: Draft


This category represents one of the phyla in the Seven Pernicious Kingdoms vulnerability classification. It includes weaknesses that do not directly introduce a weakness or vulnerability, but indicate that the product has not been carefully developed or maintained. According to the authors of the Seven Pernicious Kingdoms, "Poor code quality leads to unpredictable behavior. From a user's perspective that often manifests itself as poor usability. For an adversary it provides an opportunity to stress the system in unexpected ways."


CWE-401 在移除最后引用时对内存的释放不恰当(内存泄露)
CWE-404 不恰当的资源关闭或释放
CWE-415 双重释放
CWE-416 释放后使用
CWE-457 使用未经初始化的变量
CWE-474 使用具有不一致性实现的函数
CWE-475 从输入到API的未定义行为
CWE-476 空指针解引用
CWE-477 对废弃函数的使用


REF-6 Seven Pernicious Kingdoms: A Taxonomy of Software Security Errors