CVSS评分在区间 [4,6.9] 的搜索结果 (47807)

CVE-2017-7820(发布:2018-06-11 17:29:10)NMP

[原文]The "instanceof" operator can bypass the Xray wrapper mechanism. When called on web content from the browser itself or an extension the web content can provide its own result for that operator, possibly tricking the browser or extension into mishandling the element. This vulnerability affects Firefox < 56.

CVE-2017-7822(发布:2018-06-11 17:29:10)NMP

[原文]The AES-GCM implementation in WebCrypto API accepts 0-length IV when it should require a length of 1 according to the NIST Special Publication 800-38D specification. This might allow for the authentication key to be determined in some instances. This vulnerability affects Firefox < 56.

CVE-2017-7816(发布:2018-06-11 17:29:10)NMP

[原文]WebExtensions could use popups and panels in the extension UI to load an "about:" privileged URL, violating security checks that disallow this behavior. This vulnerability affects Firefox < 56.

CVE-2017-7817(发布:2018-06-11 17:29:10)NMS

[原文]A spoofing vulnerability can occur when a page switches to fullscreen mode without user notification, allowing a fake address bar to be displayed. This allows an attacker to spoof which page is actually loaded and in use. Note: This attack only affects Firefox for Android. Other operating systems are not affected. This vulnerability affects Firefox < 56.

CVE-2017-7812(发布:2018-06-11 17:29:10)NMP

[原文]If web content on a page is dragged onto portions of the browser UI, such as the tab bar, links can be opened that otherwise would not be allowed to open. This can allow malicious web content to open a locally stored file through "file:" URLs. This vulnerability affects Firefox < 56.

CVE-2017-7813(发布:2018-06-11 17:29:10)NMP

[原文]Inside the JavaScript parser, a cast of an integer to a narrower type can result in data read from outside the buffer being parsed. This usually results in a non-exploitable crash, but can leak a limited amount of information from memory if it matches JavaScript identifier syntax. This vulnerability affects Firefox < 56.

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