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Cloud Service Dashboard

An adversary may use a cloud service dashboard GUI with stolen credentials to gain useful information from an operational cloud environment, such as specific services, resources, and features. For example, the GCP Command Center can be used to view all assets, findings of potential security risks, and to run additional queries, such as finding public IP addresses and open ports.[1]

Depending on the configuration of the environment, an adversary may be able to enumerate more information via the graphical dashboard than an API. This allows the adversary to gain information without making any API requests.


ID编号: T1538

策略: 披露

平台: AWS,GCP,Azure,Azure AD,Office 365

所需权限: user

数据源: Office 365审核日志,Azure活动日志,Stackdriver日志,AWS CloudTrail日志


缓解 描述
用户帐号管理(M1018) 通过将仪表板的可见性限制为仅所需的资源,来实施最低特权原则。如果帐户遭到破坏,这可能会限制仪表板的发现值。
Mitigation Description
User Account Management (M1018) Enforce the principle of least-privilege by limiting dashboard visibility to only the resources required. This may limit the discovery value of the dashboard in the event of a compromised account.



Monitor account activity logs to see actions performed and activity associated with the cloud service management console. Some cloud providers, such as AWS, provide distinct log events for login attempts to the management console.