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Adversaries may alter data en route to storage or other systems in order to manipulate external outcomes or hide activity. By manipulating transmitted data, adversaries may attempt to affect a business process, organizational understanding, and decision making.

Manipulation may be possible over a network connection or between system processes where there is an opportunity deploy a tool that will intercept and change information. The type of modification and the impact it will have depends on the target transmission mechanism as well as the goals and objectives of the adversary. For complex systems, an adversary would likely need special expertise and possibly access to specialized software related to the system that would typically be gained through a prolonged information gathering campaign in order to have the desired impact.


ID编号: T1493

策略: 影响

平台: Linux,macOS,Windows


数据源: 数据包捕获,网络协议分析

影响类型: 完整性


名称 描述
APT38 (G0082) APT38 已使用DYEPACK来处理到打印机的SWIFT消息。
LightNeuron (S0395) LightNeuron能够在传输过程中修改电子邮件内容,标头和附件。
Name Description
APT38 (G0082) APT38 has used DYEPACK to manipulate SWIFT messages en route to a printer.
LightNeuron (S0395) LightNeuron is capable of modifying email content, headers, and attachments during transit.


缓解 描述
加密敏感信息 (M1041) 对所有重要数据流进行加密,以减少量身定制的修改对传输中的数据的影响。
Mitigation Description
Encrypt Sensitive Information (M1041) Encrypt all important data flows to reduce the impact of tailored modifications on data in transit.



Detecting the manipulation of data as at passes over a network can be difficult without the appropriate tools. In some cases integrity verification checks, such as file hashing, may be used on critical files as they transit a network. With some critical processes involving transmission of data, manual or out-of-band integrity checking may be useful for identifying manipulated data.